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Get Up~Get Out~ Get Going

 by: Natalie Freund

Get Up~Get Out~ Get Going when it is best for you.

We all want to "do it right," and maximize our efforts to get the most out of whatever we do. For our diet, we're concerned about the best time to eat. Maybe it's 6:00, maybe it's 8:00.

But what about Fitness? Is there a best time to workout? Does the metabolism respond better in the morning? Maybe fat burns best if you workout in the middle of the day?

As a fitness trainer I get asked some version of these questions at least once a day. I respond: What time do you like to move?

One of my goals is to get clients moving and doing something they enjoy. The time of day you move is not as important as the fact that you are moving.

If you tried to force-fit someone else's idea about the best time for everyone to workout, you'll either get lucky (if that time happens to work for you) or you'll get frustrated. You don't have to take that risk.

Just try this:

Take a week or two and try a few different times during the day to move. When you have a feeling of which time feels the best, make a note of that time. Consistency breeds results and we all want results!

After you settle on your own best time for your workout, try to do it the same time each day (consistency is key). We are working on creating a good habit. And good habits are hard to break.

Be kind to yourself. Making a lifestyle change does take time and consistency. Take your time and begin to enjoy your new healthy habit.Get up~Get Out~Get Going! When it is best for you.

Your fitness host on The PATH,

Natalie Freund

About The Author

Natalie Freund is the webhost for Fitness on The PATH website and can be reached at A skilled fitness programmer with over 10 years of personal training experience, Natalie holds personal training certifications with ACE, Madd Dog Athletics, as well as specialty certifications in Senior Fitness, CPR and The Path-A Curriculum for Living.

Her clientele range from novice to advanced fitness enthusiasts with diverse needs and goals.

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